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Tagtual The one stop shop for NFC - Near Field Communication - The Smarter Mall Experience

Tagtual The one stop shop for NFC - Near Field Communication

The Smarter Mall Experience

For shoppers, the experience begins a lot before they enter a store and look at merchandise of their interest. Getting to the mall with ease, finding a convenient parking spot, locating the store of their choice, and discovering good deals are a big part of a successful shopping experience.

Unlike earlier, where retail centers were independent physical units offering an uncontrolled and scattered experience, the infrastructure of a mall allows complete control over all aspects of a shoppers visit. This shopping experience has become a malls core differentiator and the single most important platform for establishing brand connections and loyalty with their shoppers.

With an increasing number of malls in any given urban space, the focus has shifted from just providing a superior shopping space, with high-end facilities and brands. Businesses are now also looking to engage with shoppers in a manner that is unique and personal, and at the same time, a seamless blend into their overall shopping experience.

Near Field Communication (NFC) with its potential to connect devices, pick up location tags, and share data and contents, is fast coming into focus for location-specific marketing initiatives. Projections show that in 2014, over 500 million handsets will be NFC-enabled as far as reach and adoption are concerned.

From an end user perspective, NFC offers a noninvasive, phone-friendly experience. A tap on a smart poster will enable a user to check in, eliminating the need for constant tracking while allowing businesses to know the users location with certainty and accuracy, following which relevant content can be streamed to them. For malls, NFC-based mobile phone applications offer a platform to engage with their customers in a relevant and non-intrusive manner ensuring a superior shopping experience on their premises. Apart from the conversions and brand and loyalty building potential, such a channel can also deliver significant data-driven advantages over medium and long terms.

These include-

1. Deeper insight into customer movements upon entering the mall.

2. Consistent feedback from customers on their experience in the mall.

3. Data points such as why certain sections in the mall are more popular than others.

4. Insights on customer history across various malls for better understanding of customer preferences.

5. Potential for targeted promotions and offers based on customer history and experience.

At Tagtual, we have leveraged the NFC technology to develop an application that uses information on services provided by malls as a means to aid and engage with customers. It uses service information as a way to establish a relationship with customers, paving the way for marketing initiatives on the platform.



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